'Lip Service'

- an exciting, versatile and highly-motivated musical duo!

Formed four years ago, Lip Service consists of Jeff Stewart (guitar/vocals) and Jolanta Pacholek (vocals/percussion).

Jeff Stewart is well-known on the club circuit having played the last few years in Hardcast and Two’s Company. As well as Lip Service he plays in Left of Center, an Australian Country band. He has played at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (Australia) and is a regular at the Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival. He has also backed Suzanne Prentice and John Rowles.

Jolanta Pacholek has sung and danced in Living Proof and The Sound Workshop, both of which were international show bands.  She debuted as Stevie Nicks in 'The Chain', a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show, which played throughout theatres in New Zealand and Australia. 

Both Jeff and Jolanta enjoy Lip Service because of the rapport
they have between each other and with the audience, and also being able to play the music they love.

Because of their combined years of experience, they have chosen a set list that reflects their audiences’ favourite songs, that suit all tastes and is generally well known to all.  They particularly enjoy performances when the audience participates in singing and dancing along!